Pangea Organics Holiday Gift Boxes

Graphic DesignPackaging

100% post-consumer paper boxes with Spruce Tree seeds embedded within: you plant the box to grow a tree. Seeded box concept by Joshua Onysko, Founder of Pangea Organics. Designers: Josh Ivy, Joshua Onysko Illustrator: Josh Ivy Copywriters: Heather Lieder, Amy Leventhal Packaging Specs: 100% post-consumer label made with Monadnock Astrolite PC 100 paper and printed with soy based inks. This label is FSC certified. Awards: 1. 2009 Graphic Design USA American Package Design Award 2. 2009 DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation - Sustainability, Innovation and Quality 3. 2009 I.D. Magazine Annual Design Review Design Distinction Award 4. 2009 Print Magazine Creativity + Commerce Competition - Honorable Mention for Sustainable Design 2008 Pangea Organics

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