Repackage the Future.
Meet our new plastic-free packaging. Infinitely recyclable aluminum and truly sustainable paper.

Durable. Rust-proof. Lightweight.
Did you know that aluminum is the most recycled material on earth? An astounding 84% of the aluminum ever produced is still being used today! Whereas plastic can only be downcycled, aluminum can be recycled almost an infinite number of times. In fact, recycling a can takes 95% less energy than producing a new one. And, because it’s so lightweight, using aluminum spares us millions of pounds of carbon emissions annually in shipping.

Paper and Paperboard
Renewable. Recyclable. Compostable.
The American forest products industry typically plants five trees for every one harvested. Paper and Paperboard are easily recycled, are two of the most commonly recycled materials, and of all packaging materials, are the most compostable.

Illustrator: Marisa Ware
Designer: Josh Ivy
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